Sunday, April 1, 2012


As much as global warming is horrible, I can't help but enjoy the amazing weather we've been having. My friends and I went to the beach (!) last week after class.
Last week was crazy with workload though. Still though, somehow we filmed another short, an interview, and I helped hold a blue screen for a feature trailer my friends are making. Other than that, my life has been a lot of waiting in the past month. I'm not too sure what is in store- but apparently that is supposed to be half the fun.
This week has been a little less warm, but the sun is still out and the colours are amazing. CG and I decided to bring our cameras out to the woods and take some shots.
These are all his shots of me - with his Canon- and they turned out really nicely:

Summer is so near. Soon enough this will all be a memory. Shesh, has it already been almost a year since I moved here?


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