Friday, February 24, 2012


5:30AM was the time when I rolled out of bed this 'morning. Megan and I wanted to snag the sunset colours for our photo shoot. She's the only one who I knew wouldn't complain about getting up this early.
Turned out the sun didn't rise until 6:30.
But, instead we talked, laughed and managed to catch the light anyways. The colour in these photos is absolutely beautiful! I have hardly edited them- except a very small number to brighten them. Turned out Megan, aside from being an amazing musician, is also quite the natural model. The shoot only lasted 20 minutes with the light and we got some very breathtaking photos.

More to come...

Looks like spring is on its' way, and with it, my large ambition to take more shots. Shots of everything. Life is now getting into the fast lane. March is going to be crazy and amazing. New York, rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals. Vagina Monologues. And other exciting amazing things. Last night

New York in 9 days.

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