Tuesday, February 21, 2012

These Dreams

Today in class my prof. asked what I was wearing on my head in front of everyone.
"A scarf." I say back to him.
"Oh, thought it was one of those rags that those hippies with dreads wear." He said back to me.
I hope he gives me a good mark on my essay.

So, I guess I kind of hate the internet. I take photos to remember the special moments in my life I feel should be remembered and well, when I am making blog posts I can't really experience those moments.
I am starting to love my life though, because of the things I am doing. I am so busy. I think that is the trick really. To be so disgustingly busy doing the things you love.
These days even talking about acting gets me all giddy inside. It's been a thrill this year. Since this time last year I have done a grand total of 8 shows. Yes 8! Apparently when you're an "actor" (I hate the whole 'when you become an actor' ordeal) getting 2 is for the lucky ones.
Next show up is the vagina monologues, of course; a classic. Rehearsals for that start tomorrow.
Excitingly, I am going to New York again! Yes, I am very, very excited about it. It'll be about 12 days from now when I will be in my blazer and city sunglasses and strolling down the one place on Earth- thus far- that I feel most at home. I told my mother I probably won't come back and she seemed alright with that.

I bought a floppy hat, so I mean business. Along with my (hand-me-down) cashmere blazer and (very fake) ray-ban sunglasses I think I'll blend in quite nicely. Sadly, the hostel we're staying at has a 20 day limit. So, saving up here I go. I'm bringing my saxophone to play on the street for food money. Because, Lord knows, I'll spend it all on glamourous clothes which I will not be able to wear this summer at camp.
Well, I could write more about this life, and I am sure I will. But for the sake of not jinxing anything and for the other fact that no one really reads this anymore, I shall stop.
I leave you with my found happiness for where I am, and my recovered excitedness to go back home to The Big Apple.

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