Monday, October 17, 2011

And it's alive!

Hello fellow friends:
Wow. It has been so long since I have blogged because of my lens situation and life being super crazy at the same time. So, where in the world am I? Isn't that a question. Instead of Californian sun and long beaches I am in the freezing other end on Canada- Quebec. Yes, in the middle of nowhere; Sherbrooke, Quebec. It's beautiful though! I am studying drama at Bishop's University here and learning a lot of great things in the meantime.
So, here is my first blog post to keep you all updated in the last 5 months (wholy shit, that long!) of my beautiful life.
Recap. I have lost both of my best friends and models. For now. Not lost. That's a strong word. One is halfway across the world, and the other is working at fashion weeks. Both amazing. I love them. My town has been wrecked, by a F3 tornado, but it is building itself back up again.
And life, well, it's starting to come together.
First, here is me, with my 3 Complete Works of William Shakespeare, studying for my own pleasure. That, and midterms! Thankfully for my Firefighter mug to keep me going.
Paper shredding room at The Signal Star. Last day of co-op.
My girls who I miss. In front of the church on our summer adventure #1.
My beautiful best friend from public school, her boyfriend and her son (who turned one in August!). My first real family shoot, and it turned out well! Here are a few:

The beautiful Emily.

Kristin and I at prom.
New York, New York!

Cassandra and I on our last photo shoot before she left for Korea!

And here is me, now, backpacking through the wilderness that is my life. (photo by Christo Graham)

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