Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New York, New York

Summer is here. I have already gotten a man ug-line (that is when it's Sunday, you are wearing your ugly shirt and you get a tan line) Flowers are blooming, we are hiring poor teenage boys to cut our jungle of grass, and Convict is being chased by birds. All markers of a great-to-come summer break. Also, the lake in our beautiful little town is awesome. I am going to pick a day I am off work soon, and go out and get some nature photos. All winter I have been cooped up with the human species and sometimes you know, you need to get out and about. So those are the plans. Although, before I can go out and nature it up, I am off to NYC tomorrow! So exciting. I bought a brand new 8GB memory card because I plan to frame the crap out of that city.
So as you all know, my search for stardom has been only successful in very small waves; and in very small towns. We'll see what happens in big old New York.
I'll post soon!


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