Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Apples

As Y'all know, I went off to New York, New York this weekend. And let me tell you: it was a blast. I am still suffering from much culture shock... as our small town has well, none. Last night was way too quite to sleep and of course, I worked this morning- 5:30 AM. Yeah. Please everyone, have respect for the lifeguards of the world... they may have a weak smile because they haven't been able to move or pee for three hours straight when people just sit in the fricking pool and stay there. It's not a tub people. <- alright, back on topic. NEW YORK. 'Mazing. So action packed that sadly I got minimal photos. I bought an 8G and only used about 2- if that. Still, it was a great trip with great people. Beautiful weather out there... and a beautiful (not really) city I will one day call home!

So, check out the photos... I tried to capture the usual things in the unusual ways- as always.

The shot of course... but I was lucky enough there was a search helicopter over head to give it just that extra pazzaz.

Here's the Australian (I believe) couple that stood next to me on the ferry. Their daughter loved my camera and actually reached out and touched it as I took photos... so I snuck in this cute shot.


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