Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winner Man.

The Sears Drama Festival has been my life for 4 years. I have spent half a year every year working to compete with a company in this festival. This year we produced MACCERS (Macbeth) and got a place in the all Ontario Showcase. There are three stages (district, regional and provincial) and our Regional was just last night. And we moved on with some awards at hand. The fesitval lasted for a week and I have many photos to post. For now I'll just post the awards because it is so darn exciting!
(I didn't get photos of our musical director who won an award or our wardrobe mistress, everything was just too exciting. But I will, and I will add them)

- B
Tech master Tay with our banner.
The Witches and their award.
The cast with our 5 awards and banner. (also with the amazing tech team that helped us so much)
The Witches [or two of them] (the adjudicator said they were the best she had ever seen)
Me and my award for my portrayal of Lady Macbeth.
the lovely Patrick [Macbeth] and I, literally seconds after we got our awards (still a little stunned)

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