Saturday, April 2, 2011

Creature of the night.

I've been thinking [a dangerous past time I know] a lot about a lot of things these days. Mostly about the future, school, opportunities and well, just trying to figure out what I love myself. What does calm me down though is photography. It makes me feel like for that brief moment I can stop time. And that's comforting. Really comforting.
So, in my midst of thinking I decided to plop down on my creative table (a table I made from a plank of wood and two blocks) and actually dwell into my homework- something I sadly and surprisingly have not done for a long time. It felt good to have things out of my way that's for sure. But, still had to think. So, I took my camera outside and lit a candle in the darkness.
With those thoughts came these photos...
My creative mess of a room.
The light from the candle was really cool. It's like a light from Heaven.
Love this angle. It looks like my head is cut off... it's a scarf- which kind of looks like a pineapple.

Check out the lights. Especially the ones that look like heads on the left.

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