Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Apple of Your Eye.

So, today was another beautiful Canadian day. Which means hail, sleet and snow in April.
It started with myself hauling my butt out of bed on Sunday while my mother insisted on picking me up for yoga. So, I did. I love yoga! This kind, although very spiritual, was a little slow for me. Surprisingly though, holding these easy poses for longer was harder than the super bendy poses.

As I strapped on my camera and got my skateboard out to go take nature photos it started to snow. So, I tossed that idea and ended up dancing by myself in my garage. Super fun. Not the best idea with a broken toe though. -> by the by, I broke my toe during our Sears show (2 weeks ago) it hardly hurt, which was weird.

After dancing I got bored. So, because my brother declined being photographed I took it into my own hands. Everyone loves vanity. I very shamefully played with the Desperate Housewives theme of the apple- a fact I didn't notice until I re-looked over the photos.
Well, a movie cover kind of theme.
Self Shoot:

Oh, P.S. Musical Grey's Anatomy episode? LOVE! Here's the song I love the most:

Watch out Grey's cast. I am there next.


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