Friday, April 8, 2011

3 girls. 1 camera

Lost Little Loved Ones.

My friends are spontaneous.
Not apart my any means, but when we are together we end up doing the craziest things.
Luckily, I usually have my camera with me at the time.
And this time I did.

So, it started with E just driving, and then I said "we should shoot in a cemetery, that'd be really cool!" And, then, up on the road ahead of us, there it was.
We were very respectful. Of course. It's art that we're doing. And, I said some prayers as we walked around, thanking them for their namesakes.
I am sorry if you see someone you know on these tombstones, I say again, we were most respectful and only wanted to capture the odd heaviness and stories that exist around cemeteries.
Leaving Empty Handed.
Freedom-Fast Approaching
Dark Times. Dark Measures
Holding the Roof. So our lives don't cave in.

Rough Beginnings Lost little loved one.
So close you can almost feel it.
Unknowingly. She's there.
Waiting on the world to change
This grave really hit it home as we walked by. This family all died within a few years of each other. This couple's young daughter (5 years) and then her parents shortly after her. A lot of emotion derived from that thought.
Meeting Again.
Lost in Translation.
A Son, never returned.
Abrupt Endings.

When we got back to the car the door was open and the radio was white noise. It was the weirdest sensation. As soon as we were pulling out, it played the music. I love that feeling of something so un-lively around you. The feeling of someone there. It was a great shoot.
Or, You should say that for yourself I guess.

Thanks for looking.


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