Sunday, December 5, 2010

Train Tracks- the finale

So far, this weekend has been filled with red roses and garbanzo beans.
I tried to get Convict outside in the show, but he won't have it. I guess, eventually I am just going to have to take him with me to California- apparently where we both belong.
Although, I have decided that this winter (possibly my last full winter) will be enjoyed and tolerated to my best abilities. Tobogganing and quincey building will follow the purchase of a decent winter coat.

On the flip side of the weekend, Train Tracks hit it out of the park and we finished our small three play run with a lot of people seeing it. We got a lot of great feedback!
The show was amazing. All the hard work of everyone paid off and I think we were able to touch and motivate many people with the beautiful performance.
And now, because it is over, I can post the performance photos I took. I got some really great shots of my beautiful actors!

All in all, it was a great run and a tremendous time. Acting for me will be portrayed differently now that I have been in the director's shoes.

So, here's some of my collection from different rehearsals. I'll take you through a snapshot of the play.

For now, enjoy the photos!
First, of course, we warm up and get some energy rolling with drama games. (Featured here is, hug tag.)
This is such a precious shot!

Rose Walton (Jack's mother) and Phoebe Rivers, old high school friends. Rose was a friend of Phoebe's husband, Hans, and then the two met and became good friends.

And the Waltons.

Nick, Bo, Jack and Michael- the group of friends.

As the search for Michael starts and continues, Phoebe grows worried.
Hans is searching.

A quick shot of the cast. We're missing T here though! Sorry hon!

All in all, a great opportunity.
I can't believe this story has been 3 and a half years in the making... And now, it is performed, shared and done.
But, I am sure that this story is not truly done.

There's still a movie and at least a book to come out of it.

Well, that's all for now!

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