Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's been a while. Life is busy.
I have been busy with fall, my play, work and school. It's a whole lot!
The cold weather is creeping up and soon enough I will be taking winter photos- (hopefully not too too soon though.)

I got the opportunity to shoot four lovely ladies from the show co-ing with mine on the same night. It is called Overtones and it is about two ladies and their inner-selves meeting. The ladies are sophisticated and don't say what they are really thinking so their "inner" selves do.

It was a very cool opportunity to shoot these girls! They had great ideas and it doesn't hurt the fact that they're all fun and gorgeous!

So, here they are- Overtones.

Lots and lots of laughter in this shoot. For me and them.

An idea that fell through... but, the ladies still look charming.

With the shadows, these shots were cool and proved spooky, yet inner-self.

Playing with stage lights is softer, yet a little bit harder to maneuverer around. It proved well with these group photos though. I love the levels with the blocks!

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