Friday, October 8, 2010

Train Tracks

For two years now I have been writing this play.
It's a play based on a story that really stuck out to me when I was internet surfing the news channel. The story is [sadly] about a young boy who was walking to school with about four friends and was hit by a train. And that in itself is a horrible story for those boys with him, the boy, and the families of the town- but, the thing was that the young boys (only just 14- at the most) gave one testimony that said he was playing chicken with the train and then left it at that. They never told anyone in any specific detail what happened to him that morning he died. The boy's parents were totally shocked and bewildered that their son would even go on the train tracks, let alone play chicken with a moving train. That is what really stuck out to me. The fact that these boys- who, for all I know, could have been innocent, don't say anything to rebuttal. They just don't.

So, two years later and a lot of edits, I made a final draft and now, with my amazing company of talented actors and actresses we are putting on the play. It's been three weeks into rehearsal and [no pun intended] the train is a'rolling. Yesterday we went out to the train tracks in our own town and took photos of the cast and tried to hopefully find the poster shot. I think the day went quite promising. I will post the photos soon for you all to check out.

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