Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Out for Dinner

The cast of "Train Tracks" along with myself, and the two stage managers went out for dinner- in character; and there were prizes for whoever kept it longest. I thought we'd do it for fun for about half an hour, lose focus and just eat as ourselves- but no! The actors were so into their roles that even when girl wrestling came on, even when one of them spilled ice down his front they kept their roles (well, mostly). They even ordered as their characters! It turned out to be a blast- so much so that I didn't get quite as many photos, but the few I did get are pretty hilarious. None of them are quite as nice as any others; but their fun and were just some quickie shots.By far my favourite of the night. Such a mother moment. Makes me laugh every time.
Yup, the ice spilled right on his lap. Sadly I caught after the fact.
Best friends. Bo and Michael.
I love this because in the left corner the mother/daughter moment.

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