Friday, October 8, 2010

And so it begins

I have wanted to pursue photography ever since I was a little girl.
And, in many ways I have. I have gotten my pretty good little cameras in the past (three Canons and a little mini Olympus.) but for many years I have been saving up for the ultimate! -Alright, not years, but an entire summer at Christian camp being a counselor.
So, when I got my Nikon D90, only three days ago I felt I woke up a whole new woman.
I know. Sounds perfectly stupid. But, it is true. It's like when you get a new pair of shoes and you just wake up feeling new. Granted, I usually forget what is new or lose the shoes entirely under my "artistic" mess of a room- but the feeling is still the same.
The point is, I didn't feel like I could really start a real blog until I got my hardcore [entire summer singing Jesus songs to little children] DSLR camera.
And now I have.
So, taking you on an adventure of my shenanigans with my brand new D90 will be my job. (I still need a name for him/her... in due time I am sure it will come.
Welcome to Seeing is Believing. A cool philosophy that I just discussed in school today and came up with a great photography studio name.
Anyways, I still need to get to work so I can hopefully get out of this town [with my camera] and take photos of things other than old people and a lot of unusually scruffy dogs.

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