Sunday, April 1, 2012


As much as global warming is horrible, I can't help but enjoy the amazing weather we've been having. My friends and I went to the beach (!) last week after class.
Last week was crazy with workload though. Still though, somehow we filmed another short, an interview, and I helped hold a blue screen for a feature trailer my friends are making. Other than that, my life has been a lot of waiting in the past month. I'm not too sure what is in store- but apparently that is supposed to be half the fun.
This week has been a little less warm, but the sun is still out and the colours are amazing. CG and I decided to bring our cameras out to the woods and take some shots.
These are all his shots of me - with his Canon- and they turned out really nicely:

Summer is so near. Soon enough this will all be a memory. Shesh, has it already been almost a year since I moved here?


Friday, February 24, 2012


5:30AM was the time when I rolled out of bed this 'morning. Megan and I wanted to snag the sunset colours for our photo shoot. She's the only one who I knew wouldn't complain about getting up this early.
Turned out the sun didn't rise until 6:30.
But, instead we talked, laughed and managed to catch the light anyways. The colour in these photos is absolutely beautiful! I have hardly edited them- except a very small number to brighten them. Turned out Megan, aside from being an amazing musician, is also quite the natural model. The shoot only lasted 20 minutes with the light and we got some very breathtaking photos.

More to come...

Looks like spring is on its' way, and with it, my large ambition to take more shots. Shots of everything. Life is now getting into the fast lane. March is going to be crazy and amazing. New York, rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals. Vagina Monologues. And other exciting amazing things. Last night

New York in 9 days.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

These Dreams

Today in class my prof. asked what I was wearing on my head in front of everyone.
"A scarf." I say back to him.
"Oh, thought it was one of those rags that those hippies with dreads wear." He said back to me.
I hope he gives me a good mark on my essay.

So, I guess I kind of hate the internet. I take photos to remember the special moments in my life I feel should be remembered and well, when I am making blog posts I can't really experience those moments.
I am starting to love my life though, because of the things I am doing. I am so busy. I think that is the trick really. To be so disgustingly busy doing the things you love.
These days even talking about acting gets me all giddy inside. It's been a thrill this year. Since this time last year I have done a grand total of 8 shows. Yes 8! Apparently when you're an "actor" (I hate the whole 'when you become an actor' ordeal) getting 2 is for the lucky ones.
Next show up is the vagina monologues, of course; a classic. Rehearsals for that start tomorrow.
Excitingly, I am going to New York again! Yes, I am very, very excited about it. It'll be about 12 days from now when I will be in my blazer and city sunglasses and strolling down the one place on Earth- thus far- that I feel most at home. I told my mother I probably won't come back and she seemed alright with that.

I bought a floppy hat, so I mean business. Along with my (hand-me-down) cashmere blazer and (very fake) ray-ban sunglasses I think I'll blend in quite nicely. Sadly, the hostel we're staying at has a 20 day limit. So, saving up here I go. I'm bringing my saxophone to play on the street for food money. Because, Lord knows, I'll spend it all on glamourous clothes which I will not be able to wear this summer at camp.
Well, I could write more about this life, and I am sure I will. But for the sake of not jinxing anything and for the other fact that no one really reads this anymore, I shall stop.
I leave you with my found happiness for where I am, and my recovered excitedness to go back home to The Big Apple.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Headshots- Bill

The acting life has been going swimmingly. I have been already in 6 shows since September, and am in 2 right now at the same time.

My friend Bill wanted me to take some head shots for him, and of course I jumped at the opportunity to dust off my camera.

Here are 4 of the best:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Battle wounds

Here is my self-shoot. Something that happens when my make-up fudges up and I have half an hour to take some shots. I'm still getting used to this lens, getting clearer everyday!

Battle wounds

Monday, October 17, 2011

And it's alive!

Hello fellow friends:
Wow. It has been so long since I have blogged because of my lens situation and life being super crazy at the same time. So, where in the world am I? Isn't that a question. Instead of Californian sun and long beaches I am in the freezing other end on Canada- Quebec. Yes, in the middle of nowhere; Sherbrooke, Quebec. It's beautiful though! I am studying drama at Bishop's University here and learning a lot of great things in the meantime.
So, here is my first blog post to keep you all updated in the last 5 months (wholy shit, that long!) of my beautiful life.
Recap. I have lost both of my best friends and models. For now. Not lost. That's a strong word. One is halfway across the world, and the other is working at fashion weeks. Both amazing. I love them. My town has been wrecked, by a F3 tornado, but it is building itself back up again.
And life, well, it's starting to come together.
First, here is me, with my 3 Complete Works of William Shakespeare, studying for my own pleasure. That, and midterms! Thankfully for my Firefighter mug to keep me going.
Paper shredding room at The Signal Star. Last day of co-op.
My girls who I miss. In front of the church on our summer adventure #1.
My beautiful best friend from public school, her boyfriend and her son (who turned one in August!). My first real family shoot, and it turned out well! Here are a few:

The beautiful Emily.

Kristin and I at prom.
New York, New York!

Cassandra and I on our last photo shoot before she left for Korea!

And here is me, now, backpacking through the wilderness that is my life. (photo by Christo Graham)